Company Profile

HiSC is a "Forefront" IT solution provider.

Seamlessly coherent system integration

Beginning from the new/reform proposal of business analysis and IT service by a consultant to the design, development, verification, implementation and operational support by our company, we perform, just so called, seamlessly coherent system integration and service development. We never say "impossible"; we will propose a realistic and cost-effective method by considering together with you.

Using the hardware by software engineers

Our software engineers have developed in-house the data communication equipment for realizing the IoT (Internet of "Things") using easily reachable programmable ICs. It is possible to offer innovative service not available so far by integrating with our favorable software service. By dealing with the hardware by software engineers, we exert the strength due to the synergistic effect not by addition but by multiplication.

Realization of BPR by AI

We are promoting the research and development centered on AI (artificial intelligence) such as machine learning. We are working day and night to realize not only the emotion estimation from the measured values of bio signals, but also the situation detection as well as the inference and estimation with an unprecedented mechanism in the past. From here, we will create innovative service by taking advantage of AI to provide the realization of BPR (Business Process Re-engineering).

HiSC has such kinds of strength.

Establishment of Information Security Management System

HiSC obtained the certification of Information Security Management System ( ISMS, ISO/IEC27001: 2013) in March, 2016. Security must be emphasized more than anything in handling the precious information assets of our customers. We will provide further optimal IT services to our customers based on a safe and secure business environment more than ever in accordance with the newly established information security policy.

Management based on the bonds of human minds

The corporate philosophy of HiSC is "Happy Creation Company based on Partnership". To deepen the fellow partnership among employees, we have held a monthly in-house party as well as performance/business plan presentations in a camp format. Based on the strong bond of such a heart as that each worker enhances each one's skill and makes one's effort to want to create a good company, while business manager will desperately respond to the trust by leaving from self-interest - based on the strong bond of such a heart, we aspire to further develop our company.

CSR activities focused on education

HiSC has also conducted the programming education as well as the language education for elementary and junior high school students, in addition to the education training to the company apprentices from the government-based vocational training institutions using our own curriculum as well as the implementation of the programming training to the internship students who are received from the local high school. In addition, we have practiced the activities to contribute to the local community by making the technology as a keyword through a technical support or the like to the children of the community participating in the RoboCup Junior.

Past and future of HiSC

HiSC Inc. gave its first cry as a private business in January, 1996. Although it was incorporated as a private limited company, it was truly a private company with only one person and my home as the headquarters. But now that I have established a company, I must create jobs at all costs; having strongly that thought, I have increased our fellows to work together with us one after another. The fellows working together with us now are true partners capable of believing and helping with each other. Delivery time was strict and we sometimes stayed overnight in the company. Even in such a situation, we held a party without fail, and there was also an occasion to miss the last train. There was also a long overseas business trip. There was also a painful experience, of course, but our life experience was greatly enriched by it. HiSC would like to be the stage on which we can work very hard while increasing the technical capabilities by mutually trusting and cooperating with each one to work. In the future, we are willing to achieve the further growth and development by making it as a weapon to use the more state-of-the-art technologies, especially, such as the integration of software and hardware as well as the data service utilizing AI (artificial intelligence). Please continue to patronage and encourage us. Thank you in advance.

Taku Osanai President of HiSC

Management Rationale

Happy Creation Company based on Partnership.

Partnership with employees

Let's cooperate with each other to enhance the technology and humanity and to achieve happiness in both material and intellectual sides.

Partnership with customers

Let's propose as much as happiness of our customers so as to obtain the gratitude and respect from them.

Partnership with business partners

Let's cooperate together with our business partners to actually feel the happiness capable of developing with each other.

Partnership with the society

Let's propose as much as happiness of our customers so as to obtain the gratitude and respect from them.

Corporate information

Company Name HiSC Inc. The company name is derived from the first letters of Human Intelligence and System Consultants
Founded 'March 22, 1996
Address 5-8 North-1 East-2, Chuo-ku Sapporo-city, Hokkaido JAPAN 060-0031
Capital fund 10 million yen
Officers President : Taku Osanai
SI-service Director : Satoshi Koizumi
Outside Director : Hirotaka Hamaya